BCU Commission Program

BCU relies on its student body to assist it in seeking out and enrolling new freshmen.  BCU’s motto is, “Et docti in indoctos docebunt.” – “The educated must teach the uneducated”.

Every student can “opt-in” at no additional cost to become a Mentor by supplying the necessary federal form 1099 MISC income tax information (see “Enrollment Process”).  BCU will pay Mentors a commission of $1 in bitcoin for every student that enrolls or re-enrolls in their network down fifteen levels.  Mentors are not restricted on how many students they can enroll on their first level.  All commissions are sent to each student’s wallet immediately upon receipt of the tuition payments.  Students will be notified by text and/or email when a payment is made.  Messages will also include the state or country the enrollee is from to give each student a sense of BCU’s geographic expansion.  Its simplicity at its finest.

Disclaimer:  The following table is an illustration of how the BCU commission process works and is not intended in any way to imply what a Mentor can or may actually earn.

Assumption:  You enroll 2 students and everyone else enrolls 1.7 students down 15 levels


The table  indicates this fictional Mentor will have earned $8,175 worth of bitcoin - $1 for every student enrolled in their network down fifteen levels.  With a constant BTX/US exchange rate of $400, a total of 20.43873608 bitcoins would have been deposited in his or her wallet (bitcoins are carried out eight decimal places meaning the smallest denomination is 1/100,000,000 of a bitcoin).

What a Mentor can actually earn is contingent on several variables that cannot be forecasted with any degree of accuracy.  What is certain is that Mentors will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting movement that has the potential to be extremely rewarding financially, all for the annual tuition payment of $20.  BCU will happily have accomplished one of its goals if college students can fund their education with BCU commissions and not rely on the scourge of student loans.

Keep in mind as you evaluate the BCU program - all financial gain must be based upon an assumption of risk, there are no free rides.  Your risk with BCU is $20, however your cryptocurrency education alone will be well worth the tuition price.

Dominic Frisby (author of Bitcoin: The Future of Money & Life After the State), “The implication of this possibility to instantly transfer wealth or ownership across borders without interference are, I think, considerable.  It means borders would lose much of their significance.”

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