Welcome to Bitcoin University™ (BCU), your definitive source for cryptocurrency education and hands-on application in the rewarding, challenging, and thought-provoking world of bitcoins.  We are home to the mighty “Fighting Cryptographers”.

BCU is a non-accredited online institution of higher learning in all things “altcoin” with an emphasis on bitcoin.  As a BCU student you will learn about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies from beginning to end.  BCU will take this difficult subject and present it in an easy to understand format through a series of 10-15 minute videos.  You will learn about the advances that have been made over the past few years in the development of e-currencies and why it is becoming increasingly important to our global economy.  BCU will be your crypto-educator.

The three goals of BCU are to:

  1. Educate its students on the use, advantages, disadvantages, and potential of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular.
  2. Motivate the general public to take this movement to its inevitable next level which is global acceptance and use.
  3. Provide the means to get bitcoin in our student’s possession so they can truly understand first-hand how it all works and why it’s important.

Bitcoin is much more than an e-currency, it’s a movement.  That’s a very important point to understand.  Bitcoin is about helping people and making their lives better.  For the past eight years a large group of very intelligent individuals from all over the world have dedicated a substantial amount of their time and resources in developing the Bitcoin protocol for little or no compensation.  They do it because they know it has the potential to help people and that has been a major force behind its success.

Bitcoin will change the way we will interact with each other and how we will conduct business in the future.  Bitcoin is about creating a system that will dramatically simplify and reduce the cost of both domestic and international trade.  Bitcoin will allow billions of people from every nation to participate in an economy they have been excluded from in the past.  Bitcoin will give the world’s “unbanked” the opportunity to finally save money for their future and let them buy and sell goods across borders without incurring exorbitant fees.

Those that are content with the current system and think bitcoin has nothing to offer them are mistaken.  Bitcoin will eventually impact everyone at some time and just like the introduction of the Internet, it is in everyone’s best interest to learn about it as soon as possible.  Those that take the initiative to grasp it now will be in an excellent position to reap the rewards bitcoin has to offer.  Those that hesitate will miss out on a very, very rare opportunity that will never come around again.

Please look the BCU site over and be sure to click on “Pre-Launch Registration” before you leave.




Ben Bernanke (American economist and former chairman of the Federal Reserve), “Virtual currencies may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and efficient payment system.”


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